Peer-reviewed Publications

# co-first author, $^*$ corresponding author. $^\dagger$ Idea/evaluation contribution, $^\ddagger$ software contribution, Statistics contribution.

  1. Xinyi Xu, Xiaokang Yu, Gang Hu, Kui Wang, Jingxiao Zhang, Xiangjie Li(*). Propensity Score Matching enables batch effect corrected imputation in single-cell RNA-seq analysis. Accepted by Briefings in Bioinformatics (IF=11.622).
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  3. Jie Ren(#), Yuze Zhang(#), Shishi Liu, Xiangjie Li(*), Xiaogang Sun(*).(2021).Detailed Analyses of the Expression Patterns of Potential Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus 2 Receptors in the Human Heart Using Single-Nucleus RNA-sequencing. accepted by frontiers in Cardiovascular Medicine (IF=4.79, Q1)
  4. Yuan Chang(#), Xiangjie Li(#), Qi Cheng(#), Yiqing Hu(#) ,Xiao Chen, Xiumeng Hua, Xuexin Fan, Menghao Tao, Jiangping Song (*), Shengshou Hu (*). Single-cell landscape of immune microenvironment during acute rejection in heart transplantation, accepted by Basis Research in Cardiology (IF=15.48, Q1).
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Papers in preparation

  1. Zishu Zhan, Xiangjie Li(*), Jingxiao Zhang(*). Projective resampling imputation estimation method for missing covariates problems. Under review
  2. QUEST:A Quadruplet unified framework enables analysis of scRNA-seq and Spatial Resolved Transcriptomic. In preparation
  3. scDML:Batch Alignment of single-cell transcriptomics data using Deep Metric Learning. In preparation
  4. Jie Ren(#), Xiangjie Li(#), Xiao chen, Ningning Zhang, Xiaogang Sun, Jiangping Song(*) and Shengshou Hu (*). Single-Cell Analysis of the Human Postnatal Myocardium Revealed an Intervention Mechanism for Congenitally Corrected Transposition of the Great. Under review